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We have collected for you answers to the most common questions of tourists or people planning to live in Bulgaria. If you have interesting questions, write to us at and we will try to disclose this question in subsequent articles. See you in Bulgaria!

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The property

  1. Rent: Frequently Asked Questions?
  2. Buying a Property and Frequently Asked Questions?
  3. Is business investment worth and how much?
gallery/summer bulgaria


  1. Top 25 places in Bulgaria (in our opinion)

  2. Summer rest. Beaches of Bulgaria

  3. Ski vacation
  4. Medical - Wellness Rest
  5. Entertaining - club rest
  6. Ecotourism
  7. Cultural - historical vacation
  8. Shopping What to buy as a keepsake or as a gift?

Medicine / Education / Immigration and other issues

  1. The medicine
  2. Education
  3. Moving to Bulgaria
  4. Products

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