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Buying cars and car markets in Bulgaria?


         Purchase cars in Bulgaria and local auto markets, has been written a lot of articles, so we decided to write an article about our personal experience of finding and purchasing a car in Bulgaria, as well as other challenges we faced from our practice. As we do this quite often for ourself  in the rental car and for our customers, helping them with buying or selling a car.


         And so, the auto market in Bulgaria is quite large for such a small country. In almost every city, there is a small Playground with used cars, imported or brought by trucks from all over Europe. Also, less of course, there are cars from America, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.


Here, buying a car is not a problem in any pocket.


The main large shopping sites online:

The main large shopping places in the towns of Plovdiv, Sofia, Montana, Vratsa, Bourgas, Varna.


      We visited a larger number of Bulgarian towns and villages, and believe us sometimes came back with nothing. But often, all the same, if done right, planned route and the preliminary agreement with the sellers of such cases in our practice less and less, and this helps us years of experience and fluency in the Bulgarian language.


      First bought our car in Bulgaria was in another city, we live in Burgas, and went on the bus, okay without a child, in Sliven, such an adventure will never be forgotten. We arrived at the bus station, agreed a little bit with the Bulgarian about the meeting, so he drove to the bus station and there he meets us, the car was in excellent condition as he said, it was the Ford Ka a noticeable green color, stood waiting for us in the Parking lot. The first impression even from far away that was rubbish, we didn't even want to consider it further, but having done the bus a decent time, not the distance of only 90 km, we had to see this miracle in the trash with rotten body and literally cut down the driver's seat side, but on the go, to start it is only a little hands to make. We are of course culturally thanked for the fact that the seller was able to visit us and show his car, but refused even to test it. Next was the question of what we nothing turns came and we quickly found another object for inspection. It was a Ford Ka in the same city, as the time for the trips we did not have much, should have been in Burgas to return because of the child with the nanny left. But here's the thing the car is new import, no registration is on a car site on the outskirts of the city, only buses with a transfer, taxi just call and tourists judging from Burgas will take a tour around the city, it was decided to go on foot, a small town in a straight line to walk only 4 km, we are young walk in the heat, armed with a Navigator in our phone. We realized the car was in good condition, with small scuffs, but for the secondary, that's fine, nothing critical. But once the seller realized we were tourists, with very little Bulgarian, arrived by bus and definitely no cars go, we're from out of town, the psychology is clear. The price is not conceded even to negotiate. We knew that other options for us in this town over, the car was normal, but the price is very overpriced, in Sofia or Plovdiv and it was cheaper than that one. But we agreed, no longer wanted the heat to come back and rattle on the bus home. The seller of course was delighted, he are correctly assessed. We went on the same Ford Ka to the Police for the execution of the transit registration of the car, by the way went to the Police without any numbers, and is not confused even a patrol car of Police as it was his comrades, it turns out the seller was a former police officer, he just greeted them on the move, crossing in a straight line all intersection 2 solid lights and talking while on the telephone. In obtaining the transit numbers he helped us, as our Bulgarian is not up to it quickly everywhere to navigate and everyone is so quick to make, here, his experience helped us, and when we went around turns. After he left us, and we were on a break and expected registration numbers. After you have arrived in Bourgas and the next day was our first on the vehicle registration by myself. It was very long, we spent the whole day from turn to turn, but remembered not that, and the fact that almost half way to us one of officer almost refused further registration, screaming to us for the poor knowledge of Bulgarian and that should be with us "foreigners" translator, but gathering all patience and respect, what it is right, we tried to learn the language as it is we are in a foreign country came to them, apologizing and promising to teach and further, we still scored and got permanent numbers and documents for ones. So that was our first purchase, but this story goes on, as we did not know that it is necessary in a month to change a numbers in an insurance pole and also in the vignette that in principle we could be fined, but Ford CA national car and inconspicuous, that's probably why we never it is not stopped to check, and so we skated for a year until we had to buy a new insurance and vignette and make now a new registration number in them.


       Everyone can happen such a story, but we eventually realized that it is possible to help others not to be "tourists" like us, not to get into such story, so learned Bulgarian and gain "bumps" on our cars, we now provide our clients with a recruitment service to auto selection, like new only moved here to live, and for local long been living here, decided to swap their cars for a better option, as practice shows, 40% of the guests and bought in a fast, as we something just went, then follows a pretty penny for the service.


       Now let's take a closer look, how is it buying a car in Bulgaria, what are the stages and what to pay attention to these tips from our personal experience.

   *First variant: the machine is a new import from Europe, brought to the truck or on their own. You need to check the original documents on the car from the country where she was brought, a contract of sale (original and copy) invoice with a receipt from the seller, insurance, eko-tax the original (tax on the disposal of your car, funny have not bought and already paid for scrap). Here I would like to add, check the VIN number of the car, especially the engine number (can appoint an expert examination in case of discrepancy, for the time it takes 2 months and several trips to the police), also the integrity of the documents of the original. If the car is from Switzerland, it must be paid a fee or you will have to look for where and how to pay, print check. In the contract of purchase and sale once again check all the data and numbers letters, type of fuel, as well as your data, so you do not have to run to the post office and not pay for hotels. If the car is from England, be doubly cautious and careful to pass was a (in our practice we have already twice refused the car due to problems with the documents).

    *The second variant: the car from the owner on Bulgarian registration. It is much easier the transaction is subject to a notary, you receive on hands the contract of sale, a receipt from the owner for payment of the tax for the car (this is for the notary it is not useful, but can give you after), the big and small ticket of documents of the cars, valid insurance policy, and so after simple go to the Police (remember to make a copy of the contract of purchase).

        You have to have when registering a car:

*first option, if you buy to the company – passport  or ID, personal card Bulgarian, the current state of the firm and the identity of the firm, also the seal for the contract of sale.

*the second option, if you buy at the “blue” numbers on a personal use only, issued only in Sofia – passport and identity card. “Blue” numbers are issued for 3 years, then must re-register for the same or other variants if you will, but every year you have to travel to Sofia for the re issue of the pass because it affects the validity of your residence card, it is possible and without a car to arrive.


     Tips that will help You save money and time: when registering your car at a Police, you can pay by credit card directly in the window, not spends time on the Bank and not overpaying for his services; Police department  runs across Bulgaria until 16:30 if you don't want to pay for a hotel and a transit registration, if you don't have it all done in one day, it makes sense to think about the car on the platform directly to the Police already on permanent registration, plus the savings in fuel and vignette (because it can not immediately buy, but only when you need to leave the city) – this saves a lot of time and nerves believe me, it's probably a little more expensive.


      Also, can advise if you do not know Bulgarian and going to go to the notary, you can refuse and demand a translator, while protecting your interests with good intentions, to help you understand what you should to sign and what then responsibility. If You have a spouse, she will also have to participate in the transaction, or you will have to specify that you are not married, but about the consequences then you answer. In most Police coincidentally enough loyally refer to foreigners and often help in check even without the need of an interpreter.

       The amount of the transaction of purchase and sale of more than 10 000 leva, you must pay through the Bank, you will be asked to provide your ID and to complete a Declaration of origin of funds, the Commission for such an operation emerges is not a small Bank, you need to take this into account.


      And the main question is: how to choose among  the thousands of cars on the secondary market is a good option with the minimum investment in the future? The answer is obvious and simple - only with a specialist who repairs them himself and sees every day, which is has not only equipment and tools for diagnosis, but also the eyes and ears, but most importantly the head, to analyse potential risks and an investment in case of purchase, is it worth it to take.


      We also have the experience of buying of leasing cars, and from private businesses and a new car from dealerships, where you also need to be careful, we were invited to several curious cases with a new cars, there are also sometimes have problems.

And last, never leave any liens, prepayments without legal confirmation, the paper receipts can not prove anything, you are a foreign person in a foreign country not knowing foreign laws, do not create problems for yourself. If you decide to do that and  to give someone your money, it is not only in case of cars concerned, do it only through lawyer with the preparation of the clear obligations of both parties to you and your money was protected by law.


       It is possible to tell and write many more stories from our experience here, but won't keep You. Thank you for Your attention and patience! We hope this information for someone will be useful, if you have any more questions please contact us, we will prepare, on a variety of topics, more articles.


With best regards, TRentMe