Additional services:


  • Accompaniment in Police of Burgas (For other cities + travel expenses 1 BGN/km):


  1. Registration of a car and obtaining permanent Bulgarian numbers for a car without registration - 200 BGN; Attention! - the engine number must be cleaned in advance + first aid kit / fire extinguisher + headlight check !! 

  2. Registration of transit Bulgarian numbers - 100 BGN;

  3. Registration of international transit numbers - 300 BGN; Attention! - the engine number must be cleaned in advance !! 

  4. Registration of a change of car owner, after a notary within the Burgas region without changing registration numbers - 100 BGN (if necessary, the presence of a notary as a translator).

  5. Deregistration of a car (rejection) - 50BGN.




  • Consultations on the assessment and other issues of customs clearance of your car in Bulgaria from third countries - 50 BGN .

  • Payment of taxes / insurance / telephones / Internet and other important payments for you during your absence in the country by agreement, depending on the amount and method of payment transfer - from 50 BGN .

  • Consultation with our accountants - 70 BGN. 
  • Drive the car to your house or hotel - 2.00 BGN/km from Burgas
  • Delivery of your car on a platform throughout Bulgaria 2.00 BGN/km from Burgas



  • Parking in a closed guarded private area 3 km from Burgas Airport:

1) garage - 10 BGN/ day from 10 days;

2) open parking under guard (without a roof) - 4 BGN / day from 10 days.


Consultation on various topics in Bulgaria (by phone)


  • identification with a brand of car according to your parameters or requirements, talk about the cost of maintenance and work;
  • about prices in Bulgaria;
  • about life in Bulgaria;
  • about doing business in Bulgaria;
  • agree with the sellers on the inspection of interested cars;
  • on the search for spare parts in the secondary market;
  • about bringing a car from other countries;
  • on the search for specialists and contacts;
  • talk about common topics...

The cost of the service is 50 BGN per hour

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