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Moving to Bulgaria (residence permit / permanent residence /

long-term resident EU / Visa D)


       In this article we will tell you a little about our personal experience of moving, as well as basic tips and warnings for those who are considering or have already looking at Bulgaria as a country to live in. We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers about immigration to this country, where we live 6th year. We are now at the stage of long-term resident EU, and later write out the difference between long-term resident EU and permanent residence advantages and disadvantages.

         And so, when meeting with the Republic of Bulgaria we immediately recommend that you apply for a tourist visa, of course after informed decisions about moving here to live, before that you read a bunch of forums or articles, as well as video reviews on YouTube. But all the online sources can never truly reflect the situation at the moment - "everything flows, everything changes". As well as can't determine exactly how you, after visiting, will belong to the local life and atmosphere here.

         From our experience, every year we meet people who are going to move here, talk to just moved here to live, and unfortunately have to say goodbye to friends who lived here, but for one reason or another they have to leave Bulgaria. So, in order to understand if for you this country has come and how many have the opportunity live here, but not just sitting on the ground, and immediately parallel study of the area by bus, train or rental car does not matter, and thus immediately preparing the documents (in a week) if you liked this country.


        Why is it better documents to prepare while you are in Bulgaria? – You can of course through the Embassy of Bulgaria. But you can save money, and secondly, you can join and get acquainted with the bureaucratic structure and attitude of the authorities towards foreign nationals. You can even go to the local immigration center and mingle with the servants, maybe specifying what documents are required or training requirements.

         By the way, I would like to give perhaps the most important and basic tip: always refer to the original sources!!! Don't be afraid to go to the official sites to read laws even in Bulgarian (Google translator to help you), do not rely completely on "helping", always monitor yourself, as laws change sometimes faster than articles and knowledge intermediary organizations.

        The most important and basic source for you, at the stage of immigration in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Embassy in the country where you live. Print the required list, on the category that you plan to move. Travel visa is down, it through a tour company to arrange or yourself, there is a particular difficulty there. We will be talking about long-term visa (type D).

We have appealed to the Russian source, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Russia . The list of required documents for visa D here by category.


      Next, let's prepare the documents. We recommend that before going, while still at home to make a notarized copy of essential documents, which you'll need for translations (marriage certificate, birth of children, etc.). Even if you may be change my mind to move here, your case will be official certified copies with the originals, it is better to spread out in different bags, in case of loss will be useful to any. But most importantly, when translated into the Bulgarian language you will be able to give to the translation of a notarized copy rather than the original, as notarized copy from your original (a foreign document) where the Bulgarian notaries you will probably refuse to do. And then, giving the original to the translation, you will receive the same original stipler attached to the translation and stamped by the seals, but then you will be able from these documents to go to do the Bulgarian notarized copy, but it is not pleasant, because at home you have to do a original restoration. So "forewarned – forearmed".

         The next stage of the housing search to apply for a visa, we recommend that you do not hurry to buy from housing, if you haven't been here, better to rent, to live to look good, and then something to buy. We are from year to witness how people in quick buy, and then hard-sell to buy more of a good or convenient place, do not repeat the errors of many immigrants. If you certainly not invest the money with the possibility for long-term, and can then buy an apartment or a house elsewhere, then Yes, you can do everything at once, but then you can turn to lawyers that everything for you will do and prepare, including documents for moving to Bulgaria. We are analyzing the experience of independent relocation.

And another thing, you can rent the cheapest accommodation, since the process of registration, consideration and moving long enough, the first time it is possible to save it, but it is likely to lose the Deposit (according to terms of rental agreement). But not looking for very expensive housing, because only in winter you can learn how good and warm it will be (if you decided to move in the warm season), and then expensive have to leave for a more comfortable and again the search, spend money.


          Opening of accounts in Bulgarian banks. - Now it may be harder than we had (we without any problems and without any checks could open an account in any Bank), but for now fared differently. You will have a little walk and learn on the banks, who for how much and at what time you will open a Bank account, this may cost from 30 leva to 200 leva. But that's not all, the review period from 1 to 5 working days, be sure to consider it. Also, according to some reviews, the banks can refuse to open an account and this should be ready, then you have the quest to start again. Since last year 2019, Bulgaria has changed this item in the submission now deals only with the accounts in Bulgarian banks.

The amount in the bank account? – each category is different, again please check the official websites. Personally, we immigrated in the office of a foreign company (choose: representatives of foreign commercial organizations and keep the list), so further on this and write out. Now and then the required amount on the account must be equal to 6 minimal salaries in Bulgaria per person. Almost every year, this number (the minimum wage) changes, so check.

         Translation, legalization of your documents no matter where are you going to do, but after the Bulgarians will be cheaper in almost every city there are offices with signage translation and legalization, please don't be lazy to walk around and compare the price per A4 sheet price, believe me the difference might surprise you.


          Now touch on the theme of grounds for visa D, as previously mentioned, through the representation of the foreign company. This is very important to correctly and efficiently find a sales office, all correctly to issue, but the main thing then prepare for your interview at the Embassy, was to have minimal differences that you can or had studied ( for example, the pharmacist becomes a consultant for a construction company). Now according to the statistics of every 3 applicants in this category are invited to interview, so you must clearly know where you'll work, what to do and with whom to work, and also be ready to answer some additional questions. But that's not all, on the other hand with representation in Bulgaria it is also possible to test with the same questions as you, plus can come and inspect the office and your expected working time. For all these reasons, unfortunately, recently a lot of failures in obtaining a visa D through the offices of foreign firms, it is connected with high requirements of the European Union to Bulgaria, or rather their execution, but on the other hand help in improving the quality of life, beautification, etc., which the European Union grants in Bulgaria.


        And right away we will answer another frequently asked question: If we open our own representative office, do we need to employ 10 Bulgarians?  - This is a slightly incorrect question in content, since 2 different reasons have been raised: the opening representation of the foreign company in Bulgaria and the second opening of the company in Bulgaria.  Let us explain for each reason the requirements and why they are confused, why, and most importantly, where we really need to employ 10 Bulgarian citizens.

 - The trade representative office of a foreign company in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is a division of a foreign enterprise, the representative office has no right to carry out commercial activities in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and carries out advertising or research activities, participates in conferences, holds meetings on behalf of the parent company, and seeks business partners.

 - Opening your own company on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria - so that this becomes the basis for the further submission of documents for a visa D, here is a requirement, you must employ at least 10 Bulgarian citizens.  For more information on the list of required documents for this type, you can also read on the official website of the Embassy of Bulgaria link choose the category of business activities.


        A very common question: can I file from another country than from a permanent place of residence? – the law States from third countries, but not in Bulgaria. Yes, and perhaps from neighbouring countries, we know many such families, which were submitted from Albania, Romania, as citizens of other countries, but for their own reasons could not go there, while continuing to live here on a Schengen visa or tourist Bulgarian. But before that, recommend you go to a meeting with the head of the migration and tell him about your situation, what you expect to be from another country other than your permanent residence, so you will avoid additional problems in future. Do get used to it, that any question or doubt to solve with official bodies, as living here you'll follow not only local laws, but also laws for foreign citizens in this there are certainly advantages, but in our opinion, more drawbacks in the work plan, but not about this.


       Collect all "papers” and served in the Bulgarian Embassy. Follow the instructions from the official website of the Embassy of Bulgaria served, pay the fee, wait, get the visa, come back to Bulgaria. Re-collect a package of documents for a residence permit (link here) and served in a migration center in Bulgaria.


        Date and periods of absence to apply for long-term resident EU / permanent residence in Bulgaria (the list of documents required) in accordance with the "Law for Foreigners in Republic of Bulgaria" it is necessary to live 5 years in the country, not leaving it for this period of time is not more than: for long-term resident EU (article.24g(8)) less than 6 consecutive months and not more than 10 months in total; for permanent residence (article.25 (5)) - not more than 30 months in total over 5 years, and also not a one-time leave for a period exceeding 6 consecutive months. Allowed any other methods of obtaining permanent residence status (the presence of other grounds for faster permanent residence in Bulgaria, see the law).

       Now a little bit to compare both status long-term resident EU / permanent residence.

For the price difference:

Long-term resident EU– 110 leva,

Permanent residence– 1000 leva. During consideration of the application and documents - 10 levs.

         The owners of both status unable to ID number, work for hire; are covered by the national health insurance system of Bulgaria (NZOK), paying for medical fees (about 24 lev monthly for adult); registration of loans on equal terms with citizens of Bulgaria; to study in Bulgarian universities on the same grounds and for the same price as the citizens of the country. You cannot go to Europe without visas and to participate in elections. Personal card of permanent residence or long-term resident EU is issued for 5 years, after follows the statement just to get a new card for another 5 years, watch out and don't forget to renew your passport. The validity of both status unlimited until grounds for termination of status (see the law what are the grounds).

       What is the difference? - In General, the long-term resident EU status / permanent residence differ little among themselves before the accession of Bulgaria to the full within the European Union, but still there:

- With long-term resident EU getting residency status in another country, the member of the EU (residence permit): permanent status of the long-term resident of the EU is expressly stated in the international guidelines of the EU. In the laws of EU, which regulate the stay of foreigners, the status is indicated as one of the grounds for obtaining the residence. However, in some countries, there are limitations and the possession of the long-term resident EU. Also, after the accession of Bulgaria to the Schengen area you will be able to freely work in the EU.

- With permanent residence and you will be able to live only on the territory of Bulgaria, of the right to a change of status in other EU countries will not. Note that after the entry of Bulgaria into the Schengen space this provision will remain unchanged.

        We liked this situation on the long-term resident EU more so that if, for example, the child goes to study in the EU, both parents can also obtain a residence permit through the Bulgarian’s long-term resident EU (only one of the parents can obtain a residence permit on a student visa);  or if one of the family members went to work, then other family members can take advantage of the status of a long-term resident EU and change it to a residence permit of another country in the EU.  In general, the long-term resident EU gives more mobility or freedom of feeling :)


  So far, that's all we wanted to write to you.

  If you have questions, wishes and suggestions write to us by email.  We are happy to accept correct the article, we tried to share our experience, the experience of our clients and friends on this topic as much as possible.

  We hope this article will be useful to you and help you achieve what you want, well, or at least make fewer mistakes along the way.


 Regards, TRentMe Team


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