How to issue international transit numbers for a car in Bulgaria for export to other countries.

             Let's say you bought or want to buy a car in Bulgaria and decide to sell it or take it to another country. - Then the question "How to issue international transit numbers?" will inapplicably arise. Unless, of course, you decide to take out the car on an auto transporter or a tow truck, then it's easier.

          And one more thing, this applies only to cars with Bulgarian registration! Cars "novos" without Bulgarian registration, the story is completely different.


         The first step for the Owner of the car is to deregister the car in Bulgaria. This can be done at the Police department at the place of residence. To do this, you need to apply and provide the following documents:

  • Identification card;
  • Vehicle registration certificate (large and small coupons) and their copy;
  • A statement confirming the reason for deregistration (in this case, that the car will be taken out of the country).
  • The registration numbers of the car, if any, are also handed over on the window.

       After checking the documents, both coupons are returned to the owner (perforated and with a note that they are no longer valid). The owner can obtain a certificate of termination of registration at his discretion.


       Further to the notary, on the transaction of purchase and sale. The main thing is, if you are a foreign person and do not know the Bulgarian language better, if you have a friend or translator with you (or maybe the notary will not refuse :)


       After that, you need to contact customs brokers to obtain an EORI number. This is the customs number required for cross-border sales transactions. When the number is received, the customs broker draws up a declaration at the customs office for submission to the Police for obtaining international transit numbers.


      Then you need to return to the Police to obtain temporary (transit) numbers for crossing the border. Number plates are issued immediately and are valid for 30 days - this is enough time to take the car out of the country. To obtain numbers, you must sign an application (printed directly in Police) and attach the following documents:

  • Identification card;
  • Ownership document (for example, sale and purchase agreement) - original and copy;
  • Document issued by customs;
  • Civil liability insurance.

        Provide the vehicle for its identification by Police employees.


        After receiving transit numbers, do not forget to go to the insurance companies.

        But that is not all! You need to provide a coupon with international transit numbers to your customs broker to enter data into the customs declaration, wait a bit and... And that's not all :) Do not forget to issue a vignette for new transit numbers and you can go on a good journey!


P.S. Information for car's Owners, if the car was registered to a legal entity (company), then it is necessary to provide the accounting department with copies of all documents that were received when the car was deregistered and sold in order to remove the vehicle from the company's balance sheet.


Now for the prices :)

  • deregistration of a car in CAT - 5 BGN
  • customs broker - 100 BGN
  • notary - BGN 70 
  • transit numbers - 48 BGN
  • green card - 3-5 BGN
  • our support services at all stages - 300 BGN

       And how long will it take? - Due to the workload of customs, this procedure can take from 2-5 days, and in Varna or Burgas in the summer it can take up to 7 days.


        As you understood from this article, this is not an easy quest in Bulgaria, but those are the rules. If you want to save your nerves and time, we provide an accompaniment service, we already have the experience and connections to quickly complete this process! Good and efficient transactions for you!



        And for those who suddenly changed their mind half way or circumstances have changed, we know and went through the procedure for restoring the car back to the Bulgarian registration :) Contact us to help!