How to register an accident in the case of a Green card in Europe for foreign citizens?


 This is important to know, please read it carefully!
1. Turn on the warning lights and display warning signs in front of the accident site.
2. Report the accident to the traffic police (For EU countries, the single emergency number is 112).
3. If there are victims:
a. Call an ambulance (for EU countries — similar to point 2);
b. Before the arrival of the ambulance crew, provide all possible assistance to the victims.
4. If possible, get the contact details (phone number) of the witnesses before they leave the scene of the accident.
5. Try to get the European Accident statement form from another participant (s) and fill it out (see the appendix for recommendations on how to fill it out. In Bulgaria it is called Dvustranen Konstativen protocol per ptnotransportno proshestvie)
6. Do not sign documents whose meaning you do not understand!
7. If it is not possible to fill out the European Accident Notification form(Accident statement) or get a copy of it, write down the license plate (s) and make (s) of the vehicles (and trailers, h/trailers) involved in the accident.
8. Give other road accident participants who intend to make a claim for damages a tear-off copy of their Green Card, and if it is not available, provide the Green Card number, address and phone number of the national Green Card Bureau of the country in which the road accident occurred. From another participant in an accident, get information about their mandatory insurance policy for vehicle owners in the same way.
9. It is recommended to photograph the scene of the accident, the vehicles involved in the accident, their damage, as well as the policy of another participant in the accident.
10. Get a traffic police document confirming the fact of an accident (if the issue of such a document is provided for by the legislation of the country in which the accident occurred).
11. Inform the foreign Bureau "Green Card" about the fact of the accident (for cases when this is not necessary, as well as the phone numbers and addresses of the Bureau, see the back of your Green Card).
12. Report the accident to your insurance company.
13. Keep the documents confirming the expenses incurred in connection with the accident (In some countries, if you are recognized as a victim, you will be able to claim reimbursement of expenses on the basis of these documents).

Drivers from Green Card countries have a notification form in their native language. Use their application form by checking the memo attached to the message.

Preferably using a ballpoint pen, fill in either the blue or yellow part of the Accident Notice (For example, a Bulgarian driver can fill out their part of the application form in Bulgarian, leaving the part of the Accident Notice that you fill out in Cyrillic) blank. You will understand the meaning of the questions by checking with your memo).

Do not forget to:
a. clearly mark (in paragraph 10) the place of the initial impact;
b. put a cross (X) in each corresponding cell on your side (point 12) and set the total number of cells marked with a cross.
c.draw a diagram of the accident (point 13), indicating all the information stated.

When you are sure of the accuracy of the statement of facts, sign this Notice yourself and get the signature of the other driver (point 15).
Take a copy of the completed accident notification form.
Send it in any way that provides proof of shipment to your insurer within 15 days from the date of the accident.


Be careful, stay calm and take care of yourself and your loved ones!


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