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Insurance “Full protection”

 Insurance “Full protection” : It is issued at the request of the client for an additional fee of 5 € / day or a minimum of 50 €.


“Full protection” covers the deductible amount that you will need to pay in the event of your rented car colliding with another car.

The cost of your rental may include Car Accident Insurance (CDW) provided by the rental company, which limits your responsibility for renting a car to a deductible - the maximum amount that the rental company will charge you if the car was damaged. Restrictions apply to the windshield, locks, tires, bottom, keys - these parts of the car in most cases are not covered by CDW. The deductible is charged directly by the rental company, after which you need to ask us for a refund within the fixed limit.

Limitations. Minimum and maximum age at the time of receiving the car: 19 - 85 years. A request for a refund together with all available documents must be submitted no later than 10 days after the end of the lease.


  • Damage caused by a rented car as a result of a collision with another car, including windows, windshield, wheels (tires and wheels), headlights, underbody and roof.
  • The amount of the franchise charged in case of car theft.
  • The amount of the deductible charged when it is impossible to use the car, resulting from the damage received.
  • Cash spent on towing a car due to damage received.
  • Replacing lost or stolen car keys.
  • Service fees (including administrative fees charged by rental companies).

* Please note: “Full protection” covers a franchise for a maximum amount of EUR 1,000 on a case-by-case basis and lease agreement.


  • Scratches and chips.
  • Personal items, accessories, audio-visual equipment.
  • Mechanical or electrical damage to a vehicle as a result of normal use and wear.
  • Gearbox breakdown, burned clutch.
  • Car depreciation.
  • Damage caused to a vehicle by refueling with the wrong type of fuel.
  • Damage caused by the car as a result of off-road driving; on dirt roads; on roads that are not public roads, or on roads with a warning of the danger of possible damage, for example, from flooding or wildlife.
  • Cases when the car was driven by a person not specified in the rental agreement.
  • Services that you have not agreed with the rental company, for example, car repairs at your own expense and payment of roadside assistance.
  • Damage caused by the car as a result of self-harm or illness, alcohol or drug use, as well as damage caused by the fault of insects or animal pests.
  • Damage caused by a vehicle as a result of natural disasters and precipitation.
  • Damage caused by a car as a result of demonstrations, protests, street riots, hostilities and terrorist acts.
  • Damage / loss of additional equipment (child seat, GPS-navigator).
  • Pre-existing damage. When receiving a car, carefully check it in the presence of an agent for scratches, dents and any other damage, and if there are any, ask to note them in the protocol, and also photograph the damage on a mobile phone. Check the type and level of fuel, make sure that the headlights, alarms, wipers, door locks are working.

Please note: The client is obliged to provide the CAT protocol (DPS) and return the documents and keys from the car rented by him. None of the insurance does not apply when driving in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication, as well as if the driver does not comply with the rules of the road (SDA). If the Client does not provide the necessary documents from CAT about the accident (traffic accident) - in this case, the Tenant is obliged to compensate the full amount of losses, as well as the days of downtime until the vehicle is fully restored. If the Client does not provide the necessary documents from CAT, in case of theft or total loss, he is obliged to pay the full insured value of the car.

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