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How much does it cost and how to clear customs a car from other countries outside the EU on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria?



Just say, that customs clearance in Bulgaria can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Duty-free customs clearance (Bolg. - безмитен внос) - as a result, , you get "blue" numbers, issued for 3 years only in Sofia, but every year when you change your residence permit card, you need to change the registration card for a car, after 3 years you get new "blue" numbers and the history repeats.
  2. Customs clearance (duty+VAT = about 32% of the cost of your car) - as a result, you get an indefinite Bulgarian registration for your car.

But before we start giving advice and guidance, I will give you perhaps the most important advice: always and in everything be guided by the primary source, i.e. the law. In this case, keep an eye on the change in the law "RULES ON THE APPLICATION OF THE CUSTOMS LAW in force from 13.09.2016"( but only in bulgarian language), as times change, the relevance and data may become outdated ( at the time of writing this article, the data collected before 05.04.2020).


The first option - Duty-free customs clearance

This is considered the least expensive, but is it so easy?


Sequence of actions and tips on items:

  1. Customs (Bolg. Mitnitsa).

Before you decide to go to customs, I would like to give you some advice right away. Before that, go or call Technotest or check your car for compliance with European standards. If you have EURO 5 in tech.if you have a passport, then most likely everything will go quickly and smoothly, but if you have a EURO 4 or lower, then you can not do without a Technotest, and then it may be a question of price or a complete refusal to continue passing. Do this before you start all this "paperwork".

According to the above-mentioned law, in Chapter 51, in accordance with these points, below are the requirements and necessary documents.

  • You have the right to import personal property (including Cars) without paying duty and VAT within the first 12 months from the date of obtaining a residence permit.
  • Conditions: the car must be in your personal property for at least six months before moving to the territory of the Republic of Belarus. You can't sell here for 2 years, even on "blue" numbers.
  • But at the same time: "Duty-free import of personal property is only allowed to individuals who have permanently resided outside the customs territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for at least 12 consecutive months before changing their place of residence" (this condition may be asked to prove, for example, an extract from the employment record or a certificate from work, etc.). This is checked in case you live here for 3 years, and the car decided to pick up now, but even despite this, according to information from the forums, someone managed even so to register a car duty-free, but you need to have a smart broker who knows how to fill out certain forms correctly (just say we do not know, unfortunately for now).

The documents that you will need to provide are as follows:


  • Copies of documents (property or lease) for the Bulgarian residential area (apartment/house)
  • A copy of your employment record (with entries covering the last year) or any other document proving your place of residence for 12 months prior to moving. I will say right away that I have read on the forums, even the travel list from your work is suitable, in case you were on a business trip to Bulgaria by coincidence.
  • Copies of passport pages with border stamps, which can tell where and when you were.
  • Copies of the vehicle registration Certificate
  • A copy of the vehicle purchase and sale agreement
  • A copy of your personal Bulgarian card
  • The application (I, so-and-so, ask you to allow duty-free customs clearance on the car), the customs will help you write or customs broker.
  • Customs Declaration (ask Mitnitsa or your broker)
  • EORI-is taken in Mitnitsa in the window "business management". Either here 

All this is given to" business Management". You get an incoming number that is tracked when the decision is made. Get approval for duty free customs clearance. And then we move on to the next point.


  1. Technotest or "Certificate of Conformity".

If You have a "Certificate of Conformity" mark, then the car was produced for the EU market. Look in the attached car book on operation and its characteristics, or contact the dealer and get one at fault, or look for the car itself, perhaps someone in the passenger door area sticker with European certification, or elsewhere. In this case, you will not need a tech test.


If your car was not produced for the EU market or your EURO 4 or lower, then a trip to technotest is not possible. Technotest is available in district cities, and even in those not everywhere, search through search engines nearest to you. This procedure is simple, but time-consuming and therefore tedious. It costs in different ways from 450 to 1500 BGN, may be more expensive in each case individually, find out in each city in different ways, and depends on the car.

With the results of the examination from "Technotest", you need to contact the "Executive Agency - Automobile Administration". The Agency must issue a certificate authorizing the registration of the car. Issuing a certificate costs BGN 102 and takes from 14-30 days.


  1. Police Car Administration(KAT)-Sofia. Registration for receipt the "blue" numbers.

Here you need to arrive in advance, for the opening. They run cars 20-30 at a time. There is a long queue. While you are standing in it, you can get insurance and ecotaxa in one of the stalls nearby (these prices depend on the year of the car and capacity).

When entering the building, you need to get a ticket. After giving the entire package of documents to get "blue" numbers (sometimes Bulgarians say "Hicks" numbers).


What should you have in the package:

  • The declaration you receive in the KAT building, ask the attendants.
  • Insurance. Tip: make a new entry for your old registration.
  • Ecotaxi
  • The original title, registration Certificate
  • A copy of the vehicle purchase and sale agreement
  • A copy of the paper from the customs Office (Mitnitsa).
  • Certificate from the "Automobile administration", if necessary. Or if you have a "Certificate of Conformity", contact the attendants at the entrance to the KAT(before the channel), so that you can enter the number about "Certificate of Conformity"in the Declaration for registration.

Next, with these documents on the channel, you will be assigned to which one to visit.
On the channel, the employee will check the VIN, engine number, can check the lights, first aid kit, as in the inspection almost.

Then you leave the channel for CAT, Park and return back with documents and your old numbers from the car 2 PCs.! back in the building with windows, you need a window with "XX numbers, Embassy numbers". You give everything there and get a piece of paper with the code to pay at the checkout. Payment now in the area of 56 Lev registration. Get "blue" numbers, and do not forget to pick up the registration Certificate (large and small ticket).


Put new numbers and all, CONGRATULATIONS the car is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria!

Last tip - don't forget to go back to the office of the insurance broker and change the registration number from Foreign to Bulgarian, also don't forget to do it in the green card in case you decide to travel outside of the Republic of Belarus, also applies to the "E-vignette" if you go outside the city's.


After all this "epic" you have the right to contact CAT again in order to get help if the car is registered here (the license plate is temporarily passed) and already has it, you will apply to the tax authorities of your country, of which you are a tax resident, to suspend the calculation of tax on the car.


Everyone considers the expediency of this procedure by their own money and time spent. For someone it is easier to sell at home and buy another one here, so it is faster and cheaper; and someone can not part with their "favorite", it is up to you to decide.


The second method - Сustoms clearance.

All of the above items are relevant, except for one nuance. You will have to pay customs duty+ VAT, which in total will leave you about 32% of the cost of your car. How is the car evaluated and who evaluates it, you ask? – there are several options: from the contract of sale; on the average market, through insurance companies; from your words through good customs brokers.

In the calculator, all calculations are automated

We will also answer for more frequently asked questions on this topic:


- If I register for my company in Bulgaria in two years, I will still have to pay 32% .?- Yes


- From the moment you get a permit for duty-free customs clearance to the rest of the procedure, how long can you ride on Foreign numbers? – As long as it is allowed by law :) but in fact: up to 180 days a year, this is how long any car is allowed to stay on foreign registration; and until the expiration of your green card. But do not tighten Council :)


If you have any more questions, please email us or on viber/votsap, contact us above, add to it, make a correction, write down the most interesting questions with answers here.



Best regards, TRentMe team


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