About drinking in Bulgaria or alcohol tourism?


               Bulgarians love to drink. Wine, rakia (a source of pride for Bulgarians), beer - often, and many almost daily. In the evening, at one or two tables right in front of the store, the locals drink it leisurely despite the "public place". This is easier in Bulgaria. You can drink anywhere. There will be no complaints until a certain stage of intoxication. But Bulgarians, as a rule, very rarely get drunk in the "trash" and rowdy. This palm tree is carried high by summer tourists. It is for tourists that the "wine houses" located along the roads are designed. Stop by and try different varieties - no problem. Wine both in bottles and on tap, in plastic from underwater. But seasoned tourists or local amateurs are more likely to buy for “pennies” in the nearest village or from a Bulgarian friend who “makes great wine himself, got the recipe from his grandfather”.

               The same goes for rakiya. Moonshine made from any fruits and berries is respected by Bulgarians and is considered a national treasure. Moreover, "moonshine", in the full sense of the word, is no longer very true. Rakia is produced in alcoholic beverage factories, sold in stylish bottles, and there are also souvenir options. But having opened a "branded" bottle and sniffed, our tourist will definitely define - "he"! There are many varieties of brandy and each region of Bulgaria is proud of its own. Purposeful citizens, as in the case of wine, will not be limited to official retail outlets, but will find a grandfather at any market from whom they will buy homemade rakia in bulk (the container may be the most unexpected), on average 3 levs (1.5 euros) + / - for half a liter. Impressive ... For fans of alcoholic drinks, it is risky to accept invitations from Bulgarians to the rakia holiday. For example, in the city of Troyan there is a holiday of plum brandy. Plum moonshine. The program of the holiday includes a tasting day and a sobering day. It is almost an insult not to try rakia, which is accompanied by a proud story about the traditions of production and the drawings of the original moonshine stills. We must drink. But getting drunk on draft beer is a little more difficult.


                The beer is sold mainly in bottles. And even in establishments where draft "foam" is simply required. The waiter will bring you a bottle and a glass. Of course, there are beer bars under world brands, but even there, according to "ours", you can't drink beer with fish. Only in the last couple of years have local Russians started making and selling salted, dried and dried fish. And in a beer bar, you will have to limit yourself to nuts for beer. Those who want beer with fish really go to the bathhouse. To the Russian bathhouse, which is run by Russian-speaking people. Now there are more and more such establishments. There is draft beer and fish, barbecue, and other excesses. Those who get behind the wheel should be more careful with excesses in taking inward. More recently, the local police did little and condescending checks. In Bulgaria, a certain amount of ppm is allowed. But lately there has been a real fight on the roads with drunk drivers. And if you are a tourist, not a local, then even the permitted ppm in your body can lead to trouble. They will be checked with passion, it may not be possible to agree on a bribe. According to rumors (I emphasize - according to rumors) it is necessary to drink more carefully in local casinos. Friends (a long experience of friendship with alcohol and an enviable strength of the body) claimed that after several glasses of brandy in the casino they were extremely messed up. In disagreement with the adopted on the chest. We decided that in this way the casino aroused courage and drunken excitement in them. What exactly the bartender is pouring is not visible, but, again, this is speculation, but it is useful to know about these rumors. Use also carefully in strip bars. The price for a couple of glasses can end up being cosmic, as, indeed, in any country in the world in such establishments. But the old method of drinking on a bench and then at a disco, where the buffet is expensive, has not been canceled.


           So - welcome to Bulgaria! Here everyone can find an alcoholic drink to their liking and for every pocket ;)


Best regards, TRentMe team


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