Construction equipment rental in Bulgaria

The construction equipment rental price includes:

- Professional operator: builder - engineer with over 20 years of experience

- equipment to choose from


The rental price of construction equipment does not include:

- Delivery by agreement from Burgas, Cherno More




Price per 1 hour



60 BGN



 For long-term rentals, % discount depending on the complexity of the order



Our construction services in Bulgaria


General construction work:


1.  Earth work

1.1. pits


1.3.septic tanks

1.4 site layout

2. Concrete work (formwork, metal frames, receiving and laying concrete and others).

2.1. Construction of strip foundations, pile foundations with grillage, reinforced concrete. columns, ceilings, reinforced belts, monolithic flat roofs.

3.Construction of enclosing structures

3.1 Masonry of piece stone (aerated concrete, brick and others).

3.2.Pouring monolithic foam concrete.

4. Floor installation

4.1. Monolithic volumetric reinforced concrete. ceilings

4.2. Monolithic frequently ribbed reinforced concrete. floors filled with foam concrete.

4.3. Prefabricated reinforced concrete floors (hollow slabs).

4.4. Monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings (load-bearing element - I-beam, filling - foam concrete).


Mini equipment services


Trenches for strip foundations.

Site layout.


Trenches for communications.

Moving bulk materials on a construction site.


Working with foam concrete


Pouring the base (floor insulation, leveling).

Monolithic pouring of enclosing structures.

Frequently ribbed monolithic floors.

Insulation of attic spaces.

Pouring monolithic flat roofs with slope and insulation