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    Buy / Sale cars in Bulgaria

    We can help you profitably buy or sell cars in Bulgaria. We have extensive experience working with cars, maintenance and repair of machines, so we know how to choose a high quality and properly arrange all the necessary documents when buying or selling your car.

    1. Auto Selection in Bulgaria:
    •  definition of the model, class of car, search options for inspection in the online car market - 20 lev
    • Inspection of selected options in place(travel expenses paid by the customer *), test drive, document verification. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of the machine. We check the car body - participated in an accident or not, we identify parts that are not painted at the factory, we check the body geometry, we carry out electronic diagnostics of the engine and gearbox, we determine their residual life. We make diagnostics of the running gear, steering and brake system for necessary repairs.
    •  Bargaining with the seller
    • Completion of the transaction, payment of our commission. The fee is determined by the cost of the car you bought: 1000-3000lev - 5%, 3000-7000lev - 4%, over 7000lev - 3%. Thanks to bargaining with the seller in 99% of cases, our commission will be free for you!
    1. Delivery of the purchased car on a trailer for registration in the Bulgarian Traffic Police. Advantage: you do not need to receive transit numbers and spend time and money on it; You are not tied to the opening hours of the Bulgarian Traffic Police or weekends. We also provide a platform for cars for rent - 60 lev / day.
    2.  Assistance in registering in the Bulgarian Traffic Police (with your personal presence or by proxy) -200 levs
    3. Remote selection of cars. We will find you a suitable car through your online connection without your personal presence, register and drive you to your home or airport. Prepare and serve if necessary. Save your money, time and nerves spent on travel and bidding.

    Additional services:

    Registration of the Bulgarian company - 200 levs (100 euros).
    Inspection of the car you have chosen to purchase, but you doubt its condition - 50 levs for 1 car, the subsequent 20 levs (excluding travel expenses).
    Assistance in the sale of your car in the territory of Bulgaria - 200 leva from the sale (placement on sites, showing to potential sellers). It is also possible to sell by proxy without your personal presence - 350 levs.
    Computer diagnostics of your car - by agreement. 
    Parking in a closed private area 10 km from Burgas - 2 lev / day from 7 days

    * The client pays for travel expenses separately based on the calculation: fuel price + driver’s work. Or the client provides his car with a driver.