General Terms and Conditions

    The car rental price includes:

    - Clean, comfortable and safe car in excellent technical condition

    - Unlimited mileage

    - insurance for Bulgaria

    - Paid all road taxes on the territory of Bulgaria (Vignette)

    - 20% VAT included

    - 24-hour open line

    - Free shipping and return in Burgas(airport)

    - FREE child seats by age

    Renter`s personal requirements:

    You must provide: 1) driver's license valid for at least 3 years, the minimum age of the driver is 23 years; 2) the document proving the identity (passport, personal card).

    Rental period:

    The lessee can extend the Contract by phone 72 hours before the expiration of the term of the Lease Agreement. When extending a lease, the Lessee is required to sign a new Agreement. In case of late arrival of the car after the expiration of the rental contract without warning, the customer pays for the forfeit: within 1 to 4 hours - free of charge; over 4 hours - half of the rental day; more than 8 hours - one rental day.

    Method of payment and security deposit:

    The cost of renting a car is determined by the tariffs and the term of the lease. It is paid at the time of the transfer of the car and the signing of the contract. Car rent is accompanied by a guarantee amount (deposit), the amount of the deposit depends on the class of the car and is agreed upon when signing the contract.


    Insurance - exemption from liability in case of damage. The insurance is valid only if the document (protocol) is provided on damage from the CAT authorities and mandatory return of documents and keys from the car. Does not apply to damage to tires, discs, glass, chassis and interior of the car (upholstery fabrics, dashboard, seats, trunk lining and other accessories). Insurance does not work when driving in a state of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication, and also if the driver does not comply with the rules of the road. If the Client does not provide the necessary documents from the CAT regarding an accident (in which case the Lessee is obliged to reimburse the full amount of  losses, as well as the days of idle time until the vehicle is fully restored). If the Customer does not provide the necessary documents from the CAT, in case of theft or a full loss, he must pay the full insurance value of the car.

    The amount of penalty for lost documents, registration number, recorder panel, CD, GPS navigation or car keys is 100 €. The penalty for smoking in the cabin - 100 €.

    Full Protection/ Fee "Full coverage" - Is concluded for an additional fee - 5€|day or minimally 50€ - upon request of the customer. Read more about the terms "Full protection" in the link


    The car is provided to the Lessee with fuel, the level of which is noted in the Rental Agreement. When returning a car with less fuel, the Lessee pays for the missing fuel. Service "Full Tank" - for a prior agreement and 100% prepayment cost of fuel.

    Delivery / Return:

    Free delivery / return of car - Burgas including airport. Delivery / return of cars to other cities in Bulgaria is calculated individually by prior request, depending on the distance  and the time spent - only 100% prepayment for delivery / return to other cities in Bulgaria.

    Non working hours fee:

    When you receive or return the car out of business hours 22:00 - 6:00, holidays - a one-time fee is charged - 5€;

    Substitution of cars:

    The substitution of the car is carried out at the office in the city of Burgas free of charge. If necessary, the replacement of the car in other town or place on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, travel expenses are paid by the Lessee.

    The “Roadside Assistance” service is provided free of charge within the city of Burgas and covers the following cases: battery discharge, tire damage, opening of a locked car. Outside the city of Burgas, travel expenses are paid by the Lessee.

    Road fees and Penalties:

    All fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance with traffic rules in the Republic of Bulgaria during the lease are paid by the Lessee.

    Booking conditions:

    Confirmed booking - prepayment of 10% of the rental price of the car, you are guaranteed to receive a reserved car at the time you specify. 

    Cancellation/change and refund policy:

    Cancellation / change of the reservation, which is already confirmed, is possible 3 days before the start of the rental period without additional payment, the prepayment is refunded. In case of cancellation / change of the reservation less than 3 days before the beginning of the rental period, 10% prepayment received when booking a car is charged.

    In case the client fails to appear - the prepayment will be not refunded! All booking prepayments will be fully refunded, if an alternative vehicle can not be provided.