Rent A Car and GET: 
     for 10+ days - 1 DAY FREE   
     for 20+ days - 2 DAYS FREE
     for 30+ days - 3 DAYS FREE

    Book 2 cars at a time and GET: 
    for 10+ days - 2 day FREE or 5% discount 
    for 20+ days - 3 days FREE or 10% discount

    Additional services:

    • Additional driver - 5 € / day;
    • “Young driver” - 5 € / day and leave a deposit 100% higher than usual;
    • Insurance „Full protection“ - 5 € /day or minimum 50 €;
    • Departure outside the Republic of Bulgaria - deposit of 1000 € and power of attorney 15 €.
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  - Quiet and comfortable holiday in Bulgaria!

    Our company offers various brands of machines at affordable prices. Each of our customers - an organization or an individual - can choose for themselves a convenient mode of transport. In the fleet of our company there are cars: economical and comfortable with automatic and mechanical gearboxes, with refueled and serviced air conditioners, from an urban subcompact to a minivan.

    Any of the machines at any convenient time for you!

    The main goals and priorities of our company:
    - passenger safety;
    - the reliability of our cars;
    -High quality of service for our customers.
    In addition, we offer additional services: rental of machinery, tools, equipment, as well as buying / selling cars in Bulgaria, buying / selling / renting real estate in Bulgaria; registration of a Bulgarian company.

    Advantages of renting a car from us:


    While you are enjoying your vacation, there is no need to think about high prices for a taxi or about a bus schedule. In a rented car you are free - to explore the full place where you are, and enjoy your time without restriction. You decide when and where to stop and enjoy the scenery, relax or take pictures.


    You can save money by booking a hotel located somewhat away from the city center and renting a car. The saved money compensates the cost of renting a car, and you can enjoy freedom of movement.


    Rented car allows you to visit places that can not be reached by taxi or bus - remote museums, nooks or restaurants with a beautiful view.  With a rented car you do not need to carry luggage on the bus, tram, subway or pay extra fees at the airport. Say yes to comfort.